Bobby Calf Platform


· Very strong hot dip galvanised frame

· Fully galvanised steel doors

· Easy to assemble 

· Easily freighted nation wide (pricing on request)

· Included all frames/roof/sides/floor

· All wood cut to length (no holes in wood)

· All steel pre drilled for gussets and wood

· Includes all bolts/latches etc

· CAD drawn for perfect fit

· CNC plasma cut components

3.6m long x 2.5m wide kit set holds 30 calves. $6000+gst

2.5m long x 2m wide kit set holds 16 calves $4600+gst


· Sliding loading ramp for truck to reverse into with drop down flag once truck has hit it.
   Saves damaging or moving the platform $550 + gst

· 3.6m long ramp with sides $1500 + gst

· Aluminium perforated floor for non slip. $570 (small platform) + gst

· Aluminium perforated floor for ramp $310 (small platform) + gst

· Side stairs and gate $820.00 + gst

· Corrugated iron to enclose sides 
          High side wall $160 (small platform) + gst
          Short side wall $150 (small platform) + gst
          Door sides (angled) $125 (small platform) + gst.

· Our pens come as kit sets however we are more than happy to assemble if needed price on request

· Freight pricing on request

Our Bobby Calf Platform Pens are built as a standard option but entry/ramp and exit can be moved to any position easily. Just drill new holes if holes are not already there.